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Euripides Bacchae
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Euripides' Bacchae in a new translation with original percussive music performed live, sung and danced by an international cast. An early version was presented for the Boilerhouse International Theatre Research audience in June 2003. The full performance was given at the London Cockpit theatre, October and November 2003. Subsequently it was performed at the Ancient Greek Drama Festival in Cyprus at the Paphos Odeion on July 31st 2004 and at the Kourion Ancient Theatre on August 1st 2004.

Richard Seaford, acknowledged authority on the Bacchae and Dionysiac religion,  produced a rhythmical actable translation of Euripides' text retaining the value and power of the original. At heightened moments ancient Greek was spoken so that our audience could enjoy the musicality of the language.

John White, composed pulsing Bacchic music with fascinating rhythms blending sounds of Greece and Turkey's musical traditions with the poetry of the English text.

7 dancer/singers gave an electrifying performance using percussive instruments and choreography derived from trance dance movements of various cultures including ancient Greece. The choral lyrics were in English and our aim was to make these densely poetic but often impenetrable songs accessible to our audience.